Visible Village is an art project designed to highlight the wealth of talent hidden throughout London. We are uniting people who are submerged, invisible as a community. People whose lives are separate from the mainstream, but no less valid. We are offering people the chance to stand up and announce their presence. Art is an important part of London culture. It needs to be understood that we have a different kind of habitat and we are asking for the right to be left to our world, and ask for it to be repected alongside the other communities that exist or will come into existence. 

We are committed to preserving public spaces and keeping the streets alive as they are our home and our canvas. Visible Village offers artists the rare chance to creatively collaborate in celebration of their way of life. It is vital that we are supported and respected on our terms.  Through displacement and dislocation many communities in London are fractured and fragmented. We struggle to make ends meet and art matter. It is difficult to understand that we are not interested in joining the mainstream as we have different internal structures and values. We are the Wick is the first in the series known as Visible Village.  
Visible Village is a project designed to make visible hidden 
communities that are submerged throughout the city of London. Each project will give a voice to many artists across the capital. Giving many people the opportunity to be seen to raise awareness for the wealth of talent immersed in the city.

                                  Visible Village is dedicated to facilitating communities and helping mobilise artists.

Social Progression, Creating Community. Fighting For not Against

Our unity cannot be bought. This work is an experiment of art in action, by coming into view our community creates itself. Art sculpts life.

Exiled but not Extinct.

For over a decade we have fought to save our natural habitat from being destroyed. Stripped of our environment we are vulnerable, our lives and livelihoods laid bare. We must protect ourselves. Before we are totally eradicated. We are joining forces and showing why we need to make a conservation area for artists.

United to salvage and sustain


Making Art Visible, Making Lives Viable