A community created by Artists for Artists.

The Hackney Wick Artists Association represents the creative, artist and cultural community of Hackney Wick and Fish Island. Our aim is to preserve and promote the artists and their work. We aim to represent the studio network in Hackney Wick by aligning ourselves with one another to create a community of autonomy. We are claiming our identity, we gain recognition and can establish our community. United through art.


Our Intention:


Whilst hundreds of artists still clinging to their lives we remain hidden by design or through displacement, due to development. But it is not too late. The answer is not to disppear into mainstream culture, it is to show who we are and what we can achieve as a commumity.

By Creating community we are free to create art.

Our greatest strength is our alliance. We aim to unite all studios to support each other in open studio events, skill swapping and workshop initiatives.

When we are One, We have won.

We have been looking to the future of the Wick and if we don't protect ourselves we will be art washed-out. We don't feel we are being represented or respected.  If you are a maker or artist of words, music or images, artefacts or artworks please join our association. Our first aim is to create a cohesive community to show our solidarity and reveal the resource we offer to London as a whole. By aligning ourselves we are then eligible for support and therefore we can be self-sustaining.

We also aim to offering help from finding affordable studio and work spaces and are currently spearheading a campaign for rent capping. To establish a culture of affordable live and work spaces. We will also be offering exhibition space inside and outside the walls of the Wick. 

Connectivity through creativity

We also aim to contribute to a programme for commissioned artwork in public space, one for local schools and community, another space to support the local artists.

We are committed to protecting our public spaces. Protecting our walls as our heritage. Preserving important public art spaces. Living canvasses. Walls kept for rotating artwork. Not being white washed out of existence. 

Highlight empty spaces. Help facilitate makers, artists, community groups throughout the spaces in across the buildings in the community 

We aim to create a Solution Shop facilitating advice for artists about their lives and livelihoods. Assistance for every aspect of our existence. 

We are aiming to show the wealth of skill and experience available to the local and London communities. 

By creating an online presence of solidarity as an association, we can then offer an infrastructure within which artists will be able to freely operate. As well as seeking funding opportunities for the association itself to provided initiatives for the entire community, it will also offer individual studios and artists the freedom of autonomy. Any member of the Association will be free to apply for individual funds for the creation and promotion of their work as well as the financial support necessary for the realisation of local art.