The Wick Burns Brighter

WATW is an art project focused on protecting our community. We are the rare creatures living and working in Hackney Wick and Fish Island. We are the inhabitants of Wick Island. Little is known about the native tribes of Wick Island, as we are a hidden species at home in the corners of counter culture and it is here we are determined to stay. We have been dispersed and dissipated, as the creative brain drain continues, we have decided to offer a rare glimpse into the secret world of the strangest and weirdest amongst us, the artists.

WATW is currently inviting 92 members to become an artist collective. We have registered local artists as official members of the organisation for the art project We Are the Wick. We are exhibiting ourselves to showcase our community.

We are a mobile collective positioned throughout the Wick at home only in our creativity we have no base. We collaborate through art to sustain the community we have always been. This is a necessary structure in the face of redevelopment. We are using art not just to imitate life, but to preserve it. We are showing our allegiance and intention to stay by showing who we are.

We aim to unite all artists, protect our community and create an identity.

As a  community we are hard to understand from the outside. We don't fit, because we live in between. Outside. Beyond. We are asking simply to be undisturbed. Protected and Preserved.

We are in the walls and on the path, we pass through the gaps into our own reality. This is what defines us as a species. Creating the imaginary Wick Island that represents a very real alliance.