92 is a collective of artists, poets, writers, musicians, dancers, organisations, curators, galleries, artist associations, social enterprises and art collectives running locally and abroad. Our aim is to unite the creative community to inspire, entertain projects in the local area. 92 will collaborate to inject inspirations and engage communities through the arts in unique and diverse ways.

92 offers models of sustainability and infrastructure to initiatives and campaigns envisioned by the HWAA and Visible Village through the pooling of skills, knowledge and experience. We work to use our existing relationships and structures to allow easy facilitation to create sustainable models to establish a much needed resource in the area. Community collaborating through art.

                        92 people have aligned due to support and preserve the artist community here in the Wick and Fish Island. 

We are currently looking for funding to create resources to make ourselves self-sustaining and create an environment where we are free to create and remain in the area we built. By establishing ourselves as an autonomous entity we are finding a way to work with the development to protect our way of life rather than being displaced by the new wave of the area.

The Collective is just a small representation of the wealth of talent immersed in the community with whom we also hope to connect and collaborate.

What we aim to create in a centre and in the wider area of Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

Join Us.